Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First Post! or Why voyage?

Way back in the days when you had to do all the coding yourself, I wanted a website. My brother gave me 15 minute a crash course in html code and helped me set up an account at a free hosting service. Technically, they did have "easy web creation" templates, but then your site would look just like everyone else's and I wanted to have design control. I didn't really have any content, so I made a lot of graphics. And I had a lot of plans for sections of my website - all about my interests and so on, but design was so time consuming, I never really got that far.

Anyway, one of the sections I intended to have was to be called "Voyages on the Argo". Argo is the name of my truck, so my thought was that I would take little trips in my truck, take pictures, and then write about our adventures or "voyages" and I thought my mythological reference very clever. Of course, I never really went anywhere, and that was also before digital cameras were so prevalent, so I would have had to develop and scan all the pictures, and writing on the web wasn't nearly as easy as it is now with blogging. But I still like the whole idea of voyaging and new adventures, so here we go on Voyage 2.0! (Also, our library's ILS is Voyager - yea for double word plays!).