Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Score Shelving - Flickr lesson a

We finally got new shelving for our score collection! It has been a long time coming. It started with our previous Fine Arts librarian and what to do with the oversize scores. Here's a picture of the old shelving:

Old Score Shelving

Not so bad for most of the collection - at least it's adjustable (since the typical score is a little larger than the typical book) and it has a back, so the little ones don't fall off. But the shelves are way too shallow for the oversize materials and didn't really provide enough support. Here's what we ended up doing with them in the old shelving:

Old Score Shelving - Oversize Section

I actually have quite a few in the back I haven't cataloged yet, just because there was no place for them to go.

But now we have shiny new shelving that will accommodate our collection in a respectful manner.

Here's the wide shot:

New Score Shelving

See how it has those nice dividers? Many scores are very narrow and fall over easily, so these will help give them extra support. And there's a wall in the back to keep them from sliding off. Yea!

And here, you can see we go a set of shelving with wider shelves, to support the really large scores (I think we have at least one that's 60 cm high!):

New Score Shelving - Oversize Close-up

They haven't been moved up there yet, but we're very excited to see them in their new home. I'll have to take more pictures when they're all set up!

Too Good Not to Share

Okay, so I didn't find this video by searching YouTube, because technically, I haven't done the YouTube lesson yet. Hey, technically, I haven't finished the Flickr lessons yet (I really must get on that!). But I came across this video on one of the blogs I subscribe to, and it's just to funny not to share. (The blog is called Write Now Is Good, and you can find it here:, if you're interested.)

Here's the video: