Monday, July 28, 2008

Cool Web Site!

I am so far behind in this class and I meant to try and catch up this weekend, but as usual didn't get as much done as I'd hoped (on anything).

Anyway, even though it's not one of the lessons, per se, I had to share this website with you all. It's It's a streaming radio website, but it lets you build your own radio stations. You enter the name of a song or artist you like, and they go to their database and find other similar songs - based on the musical qualities of the song or artist you picked! I think it's really cool that it actually matches based on things like harmonies and rhythms, and not just the traditional "other users who like this song also like..." formula (which is good, but given the eclecticness of human taste, not necessarily going to find similar items). Anyway, you should check it out!

Update: I added a little widget to my blog that shows what songs I've bookmarked on Pandora. Way cool!


Rioghail said...

Way too cool. Thank you for sharing! The service also works with the iPod touch and some of the mobile phones so you can take your personal radio station with you wherever you go.