Sunday, August 3, 2008

Too Good Not to Share

Okay, so I didn't find this video by searching YouTube, because technically, I haven't done the YouTube lesson yet. Hey, technically, I haven't finished the Flickr lessons yet (I really must get on that!). But I came across this video on one of the blogs I subscribe to, and it's just to funny not to share. (The blog is called Write Now Is Good, and you can find it here:, if you're interested.)

Here's the video:


Rioghail said...

Bummer the video you wanted to share is no longer available. I see YouTube is no different than the rest of the web. Some things have a very short life.

Rioghail said...

Well this time it worked just fine. Thanks for sharing. That was funny. I wonder if my computer was just taking a nap or maybe too many other people were watching at the same time or something. In any case I'm glad I got to see it.