Monday, May 20, 2013

Quick ROW Update

I'll make this quick, because it's late, and I don't have all that much to report anyway.  I was out of town most of the weekend, visiting my brother and his new house, as well as our parents, who came out to help him.  It was a nice visit, even though it was short, but I didn't get any writing done, or blogs posted this weekend.  C'est la vie.

On to the report:

1) Write 25,000 words
Since last Sunday, I've written only 1542 words, for a total of 17066 this round.  I was feeling pretty good about being on track for this goal last week, but my low word count this week makes me a little nervous.  But, there is still a month left of the challenge, and I only have 7934 words to go.  I can do this!

2) Post on Blog once a week - besides check-in posts
Not done.  I really should have done this Friday, since I knew I wouldn't have time to do it this weekend, but after a scramble to change plans (my parents were originally going to come up here for the weekend, but couldn't find a hotel due to the University graduation - it all worked out fine, because I wanted to see my brother and his new house anyway, and they got some more time to work on stuff, but ever shifting plans kind of exhaust me), and a really long week at work, I was pretty exhausted and just wanted to watch TV.  Then we went out for dinner and to see Iron Man 3 (which was awesome, by the way - more about that later).  Long story short - no blog post.

3) Write first draft of short story
I actually made some progress on this this week!  I pulled out the original idea (a 500 word thing I'd written for a writing prompt), read through it and started writing some new stuff.  I'm a little stuck now though.  I really loved the idea, and at the time I thought it was something I wanted to expand, but now that I've read through it again, I kind of like it as it is (with a little editing and polishing).  I'll keep playing with it a little to see if I can expand it, but I may end up leaving it as flash fiction and moving on to something else.

4) Make progress on Last Words
More on the ghostly research front.

So that's all folks.  I hope you all had a great week and made loads of progress on your goals!


Kim Switzer said...

You are making great progress! And with a month left, you are right--you can do that 25K. And sometimes things like blog posts have to wait while we do important things like spend time with family. Sounds like a great week to me!

alberta ross said...

Spending time with family is more than important and the writing is still going on - there's time yet for the last 7000 odd - all the best for coming week:)

gypsyharper said...

Thanks, Kim and Alberta! I hope your writing is going well, too.