Monday, October 14, 2013

Writing Post Round Up – End of August & September

These are actually all the posts I’ve collected since the last time I posted a round up.  I guess I’ve been in kind of a slump.  Maybe I still am, but I’m trying to pull myself out of it.  Which actually brings us to our first link:

Lynn Viehl offers ten suggestions for changing it up to get yourself out of a writing slump.  They may not all work for everyone (I can’t do a whole lot about my writing space right now, for example), but hopefully everyone can find at least one suggestion that will help them out.  There’s a few good ideas in the comments as well.

Is it weird for a post round-up to link to another post round up?  Maybe not if it’s really good stuff. Writer Unboxed has launched a new feature – a monthly round-up of all the great posts they’ve shared on Twitter for the month.  I haven’t even managed to visit all these links yet, but it looks like some great stuff.

I think I’ve mentioned before how much I love everything Robin LaFevers writes, and how her posts are always like a long drink of clear water to my thirsty writer’s soul.  Like maybe I’m not a hack or a fraud after all, just someone struggling and in need of a little help.   This is another post with ideas for getting out of a slump.

This list of writing books is targeted at people who want to write online, but most of them look like they’d be useful for any type of writing.

I’ve saved a lot of links to posts on how to deal with critiques, but they’ve mostly been about critiques from writing groups and beta readers.  This one gives advice for dealing with the detailed critique that comes from an editor during the publishing process.  That’s a long way out for me, but I still love the suggestions.

I like this post because, while everyone talks about how writers need to read and learn from masters in the field, this is one of the few posts I’ve seen on the subject that breaks that advice down into concrete suggestions.

I am an introvert and also kind of shy.  Parties – especially where I don’t know many people – are not my favorite thing.  I’d much rather have lunch or coffee with 2 or 3 people I do know.  But, in this writing life, sometimes we need to attend these events so we can meet cool and interesting new people.  So here is a post with some great tips for those of us who are less comfortable with such occasions.

Fashion forward I’m not – but maybe some of my characters are.  Here’s a post with some suggestions for thinking about what your character wears, and what it says about him or her.

A fresh take on developing that elusive quality known as “voice”.   I’ve spent a large portion of my life involved in musical pursuits to various degrees, so the idea of using music to hone in on voice seems particularly apt to me.

This is a lovely post on the truths one writer has discovered on her writing journey.  We will all find our own truths, of course, but perhaps some of these will ring true for you as well.

So there you have it – some writing links, after about a month and a half hiatus.  See you (hopefully) next week!

Note: this is a list of blog posts and articles on writing that I collect weekly.  Inclusion on this list does not necessarily mean it was published this week, just that I read it this week and thought it was cool, interesting, and/or useful.