Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wildly Fluctuating Progress Report

Greetings fellow ROW80ers!

It's amazing to me how many ups and downs progress can take.  On Wednesday, I was right back on track and excited to keep moving along.   Then I wrote almost nothing for the rest of the week.  On Thursday, I spent most of the day on my couch with my foot up, as it was infected and swollen to about twice the size of normal.  One would think this would be an optimal time to get some writing in, but I watched TV instead (interrupted mid-day for a trip to the doctor and pharmacy for antibiotics).  And the weekend seems to have mostly gotten away from me: I was reading a good book (again), which took up a bit of my morning Saturday and which I finished this morning.  Then there was a scrapbooking workshop to go to, and our regular card night with friends.  Today I'm going to help a friend move, and then I have a meeting with my writing group (we usually do some kind of writing prompt, so I should at least get a little writing practice in there).

BUT, I am not going to beat myself up for my slow-down in the latter half of the week.  This is a process.  It is a bumpy process, but it is a process, and I am going to attack the new week with the intention of doing better.

So, my update:

1) Write 25,000 words

Since Wednesday, I have added 528 words - mostly in blog posts - to my count, bringing the total to 7560.  This seems a little pathetic to me, but still more than I wrote last month, so yay that.

2) Post on Blog once a week - besides check-in posts
Done.  Although I posted it this morning instead of yesterday.  Still done.

3) Write first draft of short story
Again, no progress.  This goal seems to be somewhat crippled by my feeling that I have to have some big open time block in order to sit down and plan it out.  I'm starting to get better about using smaller chunks of time - like my lunch hour - to write, but apparently I am a slow learner.

4) Make progress on Last Words
No more progress since Wednesday. 

My plan is to have more to report next Sunday.  Happy writing, y'all!


Chris Loehmer Kincaid said...

It does often seem like one step forward and two steps back. But progress is still progress. And your health really should always come first. I had an infection in my foot a few years ago and my doctor told me to do absolutely nothing but lay on the couch with my foot up, watching TV. Or he would put me in the hospital, to which I said, "I promise to behave!"

Kate C. said...

Hey, progress is progress. My word count the past couple days hasn't been that great either. And it's hard to want to write if you're not feeling your best. You'll get there. Your goal is attainable. Good luck!

Beth Camp said...

Just checking in. Despite your busy schedule (and that sore foot), you have made progress. Connecting with other writers is another plus, so maybe that writing prompt will take you forward in more ways than you anticipate! I'm hoping the coming week will be less chaotic . . . be well.

Eden Mabee said...

Sorry to hear about that foot (ow!), and well, it's sad that your writing suffered a bit for it. It's a process as you say. All things have learning curves, and one day you'll stop and realize you've reached that platform you thought was so far up before.

And you'll reach for the next one.

You can do it.

Em said...

Progress does involve lots of ups and downs and well done for not letting the downs get you down! I am the same as you, if I have time I struggle to motivate myself but in a short space of time I can! I hope your week goes well and your foot gets better soon!

Shan Jeniah Burton said...

I, too, write in ebbs and surges. Learning to see them as more like waves than bumps helped...that image makes them feel more just part of my natural process.

Riding my waves where they lead, even when that's TV or doing things, or playing games or just being with my loved ones, always takes less energy and feels better than trying to force myself.

I have always tended to resist force, even from myself...

Maybe you, too, are an ebb and surge person, more likely to write a lot, then need a few days to refill, than you are a steady paced writer...?

I tseems to me that you are doing fine, and I hope your foot is better!