Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Writing Post Round Up - Week of April 21-27

And it’s time (okay, past time) for the weekly writing post round-up once again!  I didn’t end up collecting very many posts this week, but they’re all good ones. :)

                An interesting piece on how to make your writing stronger by taking out “seems” and “appears”.  Now that I think about it, I use those kind of words a lot.  Something to watch for in the editing process!

                Something I’ve started doing recently is keeping a list of random quirks that I might be able to use at some point to round out characters.  Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks this is a good idea, because here is a list gathered from one writer’s high school students (with their permission).

                We all know it’s important for writers to also be readers.  This article gives tips on how to get the most out of your reading.  I should really do more reading this way – though I have to confess that I cringe at the thought of actually highlighting or underlining in one of my precious books.  Perhaps reading with a notebook or laptop nearby for taking notes would work just as well.

                Juliet Marillier is one of my very favorite authors, and she writes some pretty awesome female characters.  Here she is talking about what makes a good heroine in a guest post for Women in SF&F month at Fantasy Café.

                This is a list of observations about writing.  It’s inspirational.  I like it.  Number 9 is my favorite.

                Here is an interesting approach to editing.  Even though I’m not an archer, I really like the analogy, and it makes sense to me.  Maybe I’ll try this method next time I have something to edit.

Note: this is a list of blog posts and articles on writing that I collect weekly.  Inclusion on this list does not necessarily mean it was published this week, just that I read it this week and thought it was cool, interesting, and/or useful.