Wednesday, July 31, 2013

ROW Update: Chugging Along

I watched a webinar earlier this week (or maybe it was last week - I seem to be having trouble keeping track) about work-life balance called "Tweak It".  In the webinar, the trainer talked about people who are naturals - folks who just naturally seem to do what needs to be done to keep all the parts of their lives in harmony.  It turns out that one of the key differences between naturals and the rest of us (I am soooo not a natural) is that they focus on and celebrate their successes rather than focusing on the things that didn't go right.  And that seems to be a very difficult thing for me to do - especially right now, when I feel completely overwhelmed with all that I have left to do, and the short time in which I have to do it.  But I'm going to try, because I'd like to live a happy, harmonious life, and not spend so much energy fighting with myself about the things I didn't get done.

1) Write 100 words per day.
This has been going pretty well - on the days I'm at work and can write on my lunch hour.  On the weekends, when I'm working on my home organization project, it is really difficult to feel like I can take the time out to sit down and write.  Even though 100 words only takes about 10 minutes.  Also, my parents were here this weekend to help with some home improvement stuff (my bathroom floor doesn't have carpet anymore and the tool cabinet is no longer in danger of falling on my head!), so that made it difficult to steal time to write as well.  I'm going to try to still get those 100 words a day in this weekend, but I'm not going to beat myself up about it if I don't.  My short story in progress is at nearly 1300 words, and I'm still making progress on it, even if it's not every day of the week.

2) Visit and comment on at least 5 other ROW blogs per week
Didn't get to this this week.  Sorry fellow ROWers.  I promise I'm going to get better in the future.

3) Writing Post Round Up blog post on Sundays
I didn't get this done this week either.  I was going to post it on Monday (my parents were still here on Sunday, and although we got a TON of work done, it wasn't writing work), but I had a short lunch hour and decided it was more important to get my 100 words done.

So, my progress is not big or amazing, but I'm still making progress.  I'm still writing, and that is the important thing.  See you next week - I hope you're all celebrating your successes!


Anonymous said...

Still, you had a good week writing, and the tool cabinet's not going to fall on your head. That's a good thing.

Kim Switzer said...

Very interesting info on being a natural (I'm not one either). I need to look into that more. And celebrate my successes more!

Congratulations on the writing progress. I think getting writing in during the week and organizing done on the weekend sounds like a great balance.

Keep up the good work!