Wednesday, July 10, 2013

ROW Wednesday Check-In - Ugh

The title of this post pretty much describes how my writing has been going so far this round.  I'm in the middle of a giant sorting, organizing, moving project at home and it's taking up a ton of my time and energy right now.  It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't saved everything I've ever acquired in my 36 years of existence (okay, that's an exaggeration, but only a small one - I've been shredding bank statements from 1995 for a bank I haven't banked at for like 8 years!).  And letting go of things is hard.  Ugh.  So yeah, not a lot of writing going on. 

And I usually write on my lunch hour - which is generally a nice change of pace from my job and makes me feel refreshed and energized.  But right now, I'm so mentally and emotionally exhausted from going through all my stuff that all I want to do on my lunch hour is play Facebook games.

But... I am going to post this update, such as it is, and then go try to put in a couple hundred words on my CampNaNo project before I go back to work.


1) 15,000 words for CampNaNo (July)

So far I have written a grand total of 603 words for CampNaNo.  I am so far behind.  I'm hoping I can grab a little time this weekend to catch up.

2) Visit and comment on at least 5 other ROW blogs per week
I visited (and commented) on a whole 4 blog posts by ROW bloggers this week (not all of them were ROW posts, but they were all by ROW folks).  I hope to do better this week.

3) Writing Post Round Up blog post on Sundays
This got posted!  It's a shorter list than I usually post, but I got it done (and I suppose shorter may actually be nicer for the poor souls who actually read it).

So it's not completely horrible, except for the CampNaNo goal, and I should even be able to meet that if I can get some good writing sessions in.  Things will get better when my living room isn't full of boxes anymore.  I hope you all had a better writing week than I did!  See you next week.


Beth Camp said...

At the end of Camp Nano, what's most important is the start you've made on that new work. Even 602 words moves your forward. What if (my favorite question), what if you committed to just 100 words a day between now and the end of the month? That would be almost 2,000 words by the end of the month. And when all those boxes are unpacked and reorganized, you will truly be ready! May the coming week go well.

gypsyharper said...

Thanks, Beth. What do you know, "what if" is my favorite question, too! ;) 100 words a day sounds like it should be doable - thanks for the suggestion. I will try it.